I'm an Ivy League grad navigating the corporate world as I watch this country self-implode.

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I'm an Ivy League grad trying to navigate the corporate world as I watch this country implode.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Not So Liberal Story

I grew up in Los Angeles among the Hollywood limousine liberals - children of A-list actors and wealthy agents - people whose families have made fortunes from show business. From there, I spent four years studying and thriving at an Ivy League, institutions now notorious for their indoctrination of far left - and oftentimes radical - ideology. Now, living in Manhattan, the political liberalism in my life is not abating, but instead just as rampant as it always has been. Furthermore, I am Jewish: part of a group that is unusually tribal in its voting habits, backing any Democratic politician regardless of how much his or her political platform hurts the interests of all Jewish people, from mounting taxes to mounting anti-Semitism. And lastly, I am a young female in my twenties. Needless to say, swearing off those who vote Democrat would leave me friendless, bored, and bitter.

And so, I make and have always made a point to not choose my friends based on their political leanings. This has resulted in me amassing a friend group far more diverse than anybody's I know, spanning every race, religion, and sexual orientation, and with substantial representation all across. In fact, a recent trip to Vegas had onlookers referring to our group as the UN (an organization that I abhor, but that discussion is for another time). Ironically, the only lack of diversity amongst my friends is that of political affiliation, as I have always been that one and only political conservative.

It is therefore no surprise that I am far too accustomed to liberal agenda spewing my way in an incomprehensible fashion. Two close friends of mine each said the same exact sentence to me verbatim on separate and unrelated occasions, both entirely unprompted. It is worth noting that these two people have never met and could not have colluded; thus each, on their own, arrived at this baffling conclusion and proclaimed it as fact: "Hillary Clinton is the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out."

First off: no. I understand that beauty is subjective, but common sense and judgment have to wholeheartedly veto that statement. And as far as the subjectivity of beauty goes, that assessment is as far off the trail as you can get when offering a personal opinion, albeit a brainwashed one. The second time this declaration knocked me off my feet, I had to inquire just a little bit further. "Ok, well what do you think her greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State was?" My friend, after racking his brain for an inordinate breadth of time, laid this gem on me: "Benghazi's not the right answer, is it?" no, no it is not.

Despite Hillary Clinton's compelling public rebuttal to the four dead in Benghazi ("What difference does it make?!"), perhaps I could have jogged my friend's memory by listing Hillary's additional outstanding achievements. Supplying guns to drug lords during the 2009 Fast & Furious episode which, much to everybody's surprise, is still interminably "under investigation" along with ever other White House scandal. Certainly, the country's $17 trillion debt is a feat by any measure. And as the proud champion of women's rights, Hillary in the White House amassed the highest level of women in poverty in US history. As long as we're on the topic of self-proclaimed victim groups, Blacks and Hispanics are reveling in record high unemployment rates. And while the slowest recovery from a recession may take the triumphant cake, you should also consider her foreign policy blunders that have resulted in a world crumbling around us, with no shortage of enemies to the U.S. - see: ISIS, Putin, Iran, Libya... need I go on? But let's not forget her most recent accomplishment of covertly juggling two email servers at once - and completely under the radar too! With such a plethora of choices, it's remarkable that my very confused friend could have chosen only one.