I'm an Ivy League grad navigating the corporate world as I watch this country self-implode.

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I'm an Ivy League grad trying to navigate the corporate world as I watch this country implode.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

France in Israel's Shoes

First off, let me extend my deepest sympathies to Paris. No words can convey the wretchedness of the tragedy that occurred, so no words will suffice. As we stand behind France in support of any and all retaliatory measures they take, we must come to grips with the fact that the US will not come to their defense in any substantial way. How can our President or the Democratic candidates possibly defeat radical Islamic terrorism when they won't even name their enemy?

Islamic terrorists mirrored their attack on Paris from their incessant attacks on Israel, as they too maim and murder innocent men, women, and children. Just as it transpired in Paris, Muslim Extremists target restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes. Whether we look to the First or Second Intifada (the Arabic term for "uprising" that, in layman's terms, translates to Jihadists indiscriminately waging terror on Israeli civilians), to what has now sadly become the status quo in Israel, the horror that Paris recently suffered is a reality that Israel faces without remission - it is their every day life, it is business as usual.

Yet no other country is held to the standards that the Western world expects of Israel and its leaders. No other country or its leaders are expected to show such an extreme level of restraint, all at the cost of its own people. So now, let's use the official responses that the EU has repeatedly stated, verbatim, against Israel whenever Israel has practiced self-defense against the formally recognized Islamic terrorist groups of Hamas and Hezbollah, Islamic Jihadists, and droves of others.

If the European Union responded to the attacks on Paris as they do to the attacks on Israel (simply substituting France's descriptors for Israel's), it would sound precisely like the following:

The European Union is gravely concerned about France's escalation of aggression against the Islamic State. Over the past 24 hours, France has launched massive airstrikes on the densely populated capital of Al-Raqqa.

The French aggression follows a series of ISIS shooting incidents in Paris; eight Muslim suspects were summarily executed by French security forces without detention or trial.

We strongly condemn French bombardment of metropolitan areas in the Islamic State, the disproportionate use of force by the French army, and the humanitarian crisis it has aggravated. Particularly unhelpful is rhetoric from the French President, who promised "to lead a war which will be pitiless" against the Islamic State.

As the stronger party with a nuclear-armed, world-class military, France must refrain from actions which create further difficulties for a lasting peace.

In light of the above, the EU calls for three steps to be taken immediately:
  1. Immediate cessation of hostilities on all sides
  2. France and ISIS must begin negotiations 
  3. Grievances of both ISIS and France in this conflict must be addressed
  4. This tragic escalation of hostilities confirms the unsustainable nature of the status quo with regard to the ongoing French insults against the Prophet and occupation of Islamic territory
The EU believes that the events of the past few days reinforce the need for France and Islamic State to work together to fight all forms of terror and insult. The only way to resolve the conflict is through an agreement that ends the French occupation of Muslim territories in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and that fulfills the aspirations of both parties.

This would be a ludicrous response to the attacks on France, and this is a ludicrous - although unfortunately not satirical - response to the attacks on Israel. These condemnations against Israel and these demands from Israel after every attack the country faces is, if nothing else, ludicrous.

You cannot negotiate with an individual who glorifies dying for his or her cause, even more so when that cause is - in no uncertain terms - to annihilate you. Your way of life is not in line with Sharia Law, it is not in line with their uniquely precise interpretation of the Quran, and so it defies everything they espouse. They live and die by this certainty. There is no place in their world for it. But their world is this world, it is your world. And so, we are at a war that we never signed up for.

Nobody is exempt, not even fellow Muslims. Radical Muslims slaughter other Muslims, both radical and moderate alike. Hamas fights Hezbollah. Sunnis fight Shiites. ISIS fights Al Qaeda. Each has an army who has enlisted to be the bloodthirsty warriors of Jihad, in quest for the ultimate glory of martyrdom. Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and all the other Jihadists have signed up to kill you, themselves, and each other. And so, the slaughter ensues.

Israel is at the front lines in this war on terror. But this is not a problem isolated to Israel. Israel's enemy is France's enemy. It is America's enemy. It is your enemy.

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