I'm an Ivy League grad navigating the corporate world as I watch this country self-implode.

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I'm an Ivy League grad trying to navigate the corporate world as I watch this country implode.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Palestinians: You Aren't That Special

There are conflicts all around the world today. From Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to half of Africa to Mexican drug wars in South America to conflicts in the Ukraine to insurgencies in Asia.

And yet, somehow the Palestinians think their one is the most important, their one is the most vital, their one is the most brutal. Over 40,000 people died in Syria so far this year and less than a hundred in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and yet... we're supposed to be more "appalled" at their cause? And of those Palestinians that died, we're told they are protesters... yeah, protesters. Well, here's a newsflash for you: a protester who hurls stones at cars of innocent travelers and sets up burning roadblocks and tries to violently pull people out of cars, all the while laughing and drinking cola while people scream for help, is no longer a protester, but a terrorist.

Palestinians: You think you're special because somehow you believe God created Palestine first, and then he created the earth. Um, no. In fact, throughout the last 2,000 years, since the Romans invented the word Palestine, it certainly didn't mean you. In fact, before 1964, when Yasser Arafat, Abbas, and the rest of your cronies formed the PLO to "liberate" the "occupation" of 1967 (that makes sense...), the term Palestinian didn't refer to you at all. Oh, not to say there wasn't a Palestinian soccer team. There was. You can even YouTube it. They played Australia in 1939 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Only thing is that their uniforms featured a prominent Star of David. And with team members with names such as Itzhak Fried and Herbert Meitner... yeah, don't think they were Arabs.

And despite having the highest per capita "days of rage" of any people, you're still not that special. Why don't you become special and have "days of hope" and "days of literacy" and "days of science"? But, no - that does not fit your narrative. Your buzz words are not hope and a brighter future; your buzz words are death, blood, and rage.

Somehow you think you are so different from the rest of your Arab brethren. Well, you're not. You're Arabs - who happened to steal the term "Palestinian" and fabricate a national cause and a story to tug at the heartstrings of the world. But in reality, there is very little difference between you and Arabs in Syria or Jordan (which is mostly "Palestinian" anyway) or many other Arab countries. Somehow, when the British were inventing countries, they divided up regions of land between which Arab clan could help them the most - a term we call bribery. Anyway, you got offered an additional country, to the many other Arab countries around you, and you rejected it and launched a war. That doesn't make you special - it makes you stupid.

You think you're special because you believe you've been "oppressed". Oh, please - oppression - what a joke. Where in history has an "oppressed" people had 22 Arab states created for them, and even then - even then - it's still not enough? How the truly oppressed people of the world would have dreamed about that - not a place to call home - 22 places to call home! The only place in the world where Arabs have more rights than any other country just happens to be the Jewish state you crave so badly to wipe out. So, as to your desire for another state, that doesn't make you special - it makes you greedy.

You don't even understand how lucky you are to have landed your asses in the butter dish you have. And you don't even understand how lucky you are that the so-called enemy you face is the State of Israel. If you had happened to have landed in any one of your fellow Arab countries, well... there wouldn't be a talk of a "Palestinian" state because you wouldn't even exist. You would have been wiped out ages ago.

You also think you're special because you happened to have duped the world into sympathy to your cause. And you think you're special because you happened to have your flag raised at the UN, which, by the way, looks the same as a bunch of other Arab countries. That still doesn't make you special - it makes the world naive.

Many parents raise their kids hoping they can make a brighter future, one in which they can contribute to the world and make it a better place. But not you. With you, we see endless videos of how proud those parents are who raise their kids and nourish them with hatred, so that they can rise up to be a shahid and kill Jews. Parents, sacrificing their children, to achieve... what? That doesn't make you special - it makes your society insane.

You think you're special because you've got celebrities like Roger Waters to support your cause such as the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel) movement. You know, BDS - the one founded by Omar Barghouti, who was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt, and moved to Jaffa, Israel where he studies at Tel Aviv University. May I suggest the boycott of the electricity and water that you're currently receiving from Israel? Please, I insist. Because supporting the BDS movement doesn't make you special - it makes you hypocritical.

You scream of human rights, even though your dictatorial government arrests your own people - those brave enough who dare to criticize the leaders - for reasons as obscure as liking a Facebook page. You execute those who you deem "traitors". You ostracize those who preach living in harmony - those like Mohammad Zoabi, a proud Israeli that you are angered by. That doesn't make you special - it makes you self-destructive by killing your own future.

You think your revolution is special, that you're fighting for the freedoms of all oppressed people around the world. You're not. All your leaders are doing is fighting for a bigger slice of the money pie dished out to your "cause" over the last few decades. Ever wonder how your leaders get so damn rich while your revolution gets nowhere and achieves nothing, year after year after year, an eternal conflict? And, all the while, your leaders accumulate more and more and more wealth.

You think you're special because your leaders speak of "genocide" against you. Genocide - now, how do I explain this to you? But the way a genocide works is populations go down, not up. In the Armenian genocide, 1.5 million people were wiped out by the Turks. In the Holocaust, the Jewish population fell from 17 million to 11 million after 6 million were murdered by the Nazis. A million Rwandans were murdered as the Hutu majority tried to wipe out the Tutsi people. And, even now, the Islamic State is trying to wipe out the Yazidis. You insult the memories of real victims with your blood libels. That doesn't make you special - it makes you delusional.

So continue to believe that somehow you're special. Continue to be proud to send 12 year-old children to throw rocks. Rejoice as your 15 year-olds die at the arms of security forces after being sent out to murder innocents. Celebrate the fact that you will continue to achieve nothing, while you indoctrinate generation after generation with rage, bathed in the milk of hatred.

For all those things don't make your society special - it only makes your society sad.

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  1. Most annoying thing is when "liberals" hate the likes of Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda but think Hamas and Hezbollah are freedom fighters.